The first single from our new album 'I Thought It Was Morning', which came out 39th July on Discount Horse Records

Also available from here on 7" kingfisherbluez.bandcamp.com/album/shut


It's like I've failed my teens
Now I'm failing my twenties
High on anxiety
Low on attention
Thrown into a world
Where everyone acts cold
Nobody mentioned
There's a million and one things
That we'll never make sense of

Tell me
You ever feel let down
Cos I can't stand it
I won't sit down
While underhanded
Self satisfied clowns
Ruin everything

I don't know why
I keep my mouth shut most of the time
When I burn inside
(I just want to go home)
Regret sets in
Now I'm thinking up
Perfect responses
That will change your mind
And I'd change the world
One person at a time

Remember when things
Used to happen to me?
Yeah I hated that too
Short on motivation
To step on dry land
Every piece of news
Is as bad as the last
Slow motion
Crumbling to dust
Are we numb to the outrage
I don't want to be defenceless

How much
Can you tolerate
Cos I can't stand this
Adolescent state
While I wait
Til the damage is irreversible


released June 17, 2013
All music and lyrics by Colour Me Wednesday




Colour Me Wednesday UK

Indie punk fronted by Sisters

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